Sleepy South African Evening

This evening I went with my students for a course dinner. Later I will share some pictures from the course dinner, but not tonight. I am just too sleepy.

Cape Buffalo, South Africa, Wildlife Park

So since I am so sleepy, I decided that I would just share a few pictures of animals relaxing.

Here we have a small herd of Cape Buffalo enjoying a Saturday afternoon.

South Africa, White Lions, Lion and Lioness

Here a male White Lion is alert, but a lioness is rolled over and taking a nap.

I had planned on watching the end of the England/Belgium match tonight when I got back to the hotel. I was soon asleep just like the lioness above.

I guess I didn’t miss much. I saw the only goal of the game just before I fell asleep.

White Lion, South Africa, Lion

Here another pair of White Lions are just relaxing in front of a great background.

I now have to do a bit of prep work for my class tomorrow. I have to make sure I get everything covered before giving the students time to take the test.

Then to get some good sleep.


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