A South African Braai

On Sunday afternoon I was treated to a traditional South African braai.

Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue or grill. It is also used in the compound word braaivleis which means grilled meat.

South Africa, Braai, Grill, Indoor Grill, Built In Braai

Here we see the meat on the grill as well as some bread that is wrapped in foil. For this braai there is steak and also boerewors which is a traditional South African sausage.

South Africa, Braai, Indoor Grill

Many South Africans have an indoor grill. When I was in South Africa back in 2001 my host had an indoor grill in his house. I really liked the room that the grill was in. It had a shuttered roof that could be opened to the sky.

Garlic Bread, Cheesy bread, Braai

Here is the cheesy garlic bread that was warming on the grill. It was delicious.

Braai Plate, Steak, sausage, salad, bread, potato salad

Here is my plate of food. You can see that I have steak, boerewors, potato salad, green salad and some of the garlic bread.

The meal was wonderful, especially along with some nice rooibos tea.

melktert, South Africa, Milk Tart

We also had a delicious melktert for dessert. I may have to find a recipe for this as it was really good. The balance between the milky filling and the cinnamon was really nice.

This braai made me think of another braai that I went to in Australia. See: Sunday Afternoon Braai

Thanks to my friends for the great braai and for spending a wonderful day together.


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