Layover in Frankfurt

Today I have had a long layover in Frankfurt. Thankfully it is almost over. I will board in about an hour.

United 787, SFO, Flight to South AFrica

Here is the plane that I flew to Frankfurt on. It was a nice flight on a 787.

Albert Einstein, Frankfurt Airport, SculptureAfter landing I had to take a long walk to a different terminal. On the way I made a short detour to visit Albert Einstein. I always like to visit this sculpture when I pass through.

Transit between terminals, Frankfurt Airport

I also had to take a train between the terminals. At least this weekend I only have to take it once. Last weekend in Zurich I took the inter-terminal train four times with all I had to do.

Plane Spotting, Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Frankfurt

I have spent most of my layover watching planes out the window of the Lufthansa Senator club. Here is one that I could have used a couple days ago when I needed a picture of a Lufthansa 747. I will be flying on one next weekend.

South African Airways, Frankfurt Airport, Planes

I think this may be the plane that I will flying on next. It has been sitting way across the airport at a remote spot and just recently moved. My flight to Johannesburg is on an A340-600.

Now to finish a couple things and head to the gate.


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2 Responses to Layover in Frankfurt

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  2. Sartenada says:

    It was a A340-600, when I flew from Franfurt to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

    Happy and safe flying!

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