Last night I boarded the plane in Frankfurt and landed here in Johannesburg this morning.

Frankfurt Airport, South African Airways, Tail Art

Here you can see the tail of the South African Airways plane that I flew on. The tail art of South African Airways is very distinctive. I took this picture while heading to the gate in Frankfurt. Earlier I had seen the plane parked across the airport. See: Layover in Frankfurt

Frankfurt to Johannesburg, Long Flight, Africa, SFO to JNB

Here you can see that our destination is Johannesburg and that it is near the tip of Africa. The flight was over 10 hours long. I watched one movie and then tried to get as much sleep as possible. I took the picture above after the lights came on so that everyone would wake up and get ready for landing.

Oliver Tambo, Johannesburg, Airport, Statue, Sculpture

The first thing I saw after exiting from baggage claim was a statue of Oliver Tambo. The Johannesburg airport is the O. R. Tambo International Airport. Oliver Tambo was a teacher, lawyer and politician.

Holiday Inn Sandton, Hotel Room, Johannesburg Hotel

We arrived a bit early and I had to wait awhile for my driver. However, I soon found him and we headed off into the city. I got checked into a really nice room and was able to take a morning nap.

South Africa, Johannesburg, Country, Veld

In the afternoon one of my colleagues picked me up from the hotel and we took a drive through the South African countryside before having a wonderful meal.

More about what we saw on the drive as well as the dinner in future posts.

I had planned on staying up to watch the rest of the Germany/Sweden World Cup match but fell asleep. I guess I missed an exciting second half.

Now for some real sleep.


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