After Haircut Walk

When I get my hair cut in downtown Tracy, I usually try and go for a walk afterwards and take some pictures. This is exactly what I did yesterday 🙂

Trina's Tea Shop, Tracy, California, Downtown Tracy, TeaI had planned on stopping in at Trina’s Tea Kettle & Boutique and see if they had any new teas. I have been enjoying the Pomegranate Oolong Tea that I bought there recently.

However, I found out that they are closed on Mondays. I will have to remember this.

Good thing I have a lot of tea at home 🙂

The Great Plate, Closed, Tracy, CaliforniaI also walked by a shuttered restaurant that has been a downtown Tracy fixture for as long as I have lived in the area. It has now been closed for more than two years because of building code violations. The fate of The Great Plate building is up in the air as the owners have been given a deadline for fixing the violations.

Tracy, The Grand, Theater, Old TheaterI also snapped a picture of the Grand Theatre. I like the art deco marque of this old theater building. The building was restored about 11 years ago after it was neglected for many years.

If Walls Could Talk, Tracy Grand Theatre, MuralThere is an interesting mural on the side of the theater building. Part of the current complex was built in 1909, but the theater itself dates back to only 1923.

If Walls Could Talk, is an interesting thought. I know of many walls that I would like to listen to if they could.

Tracy Firefighter Sculpture, Tracy, CaliforniaThe Tracy Firefighter Sculpture is just across from where I get my hair cut and I usually try and take a picture of it. This is the best picture from this visit.



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