Tired Election Tuesday

I am a bit tired from my trip last week, so be prepared for some random wandering thoughts.

Today was Primary Election Day in California. I wanted to make sure that I got home in plenty of time to go vote, but almost didn’t make it.

Election Stickers, I voted, primary election, electionsI did however get to the polling place in time to get another sticker to place on my bedroom mirror. The ballot took up two full sheets so even it took a while to complete. I was really interested in only a couple of the elections, but took the time to vote on all the races.

Election material, Sample Ballot, Election Information, Candidate MailersThis pile of mail is from the primary election four years ago, but I had a similar pile again this year.

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, China, Old BridgeToday was a long and tiring day so I am trying to think some positive thoughts before getting some sleep.

Last weekend in Shanghai it was a bit rainy and people were out and about with umbrellas.

Umbrellas, West Lake, Hangzhou China, Sunny DayThis weekend at home people have been carrying umbrellas for the opposite reason. It was very hot and sunny and people need some portable shade. See: Umbrellas on a Sunny Day

I really did see a few people carrying umbrellas in the sun while out running errands, but I spent most of the weekend inside where it was cool trying to get caught up on a lot of things. Especially sleep 🙂

Tall grass, lawn mowing, yard work, vacationThe one thing that needs to get done and hasn’t is mowing the yard. The yard looks even worse than in this picture I took sometime in the past. I actually just looked at when I took the picture and it was almost exactly one year ago. I used it in my post Vacation Yard Work.

It was way too hot on the weekend and I have gotten home way too late each day so far this week. Perhaps on Thursday ? ? ?

So, indoor chores have been on the agenda in the evening. Laundry is actually caught up for the moment and I have done a bit of pre-packing for my next trip.

OK, I will quit wandering and get this posted.

Oh, for a better day tomorrow.




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