Vacation Yard Work

To start my vacation this week I have done some vacation yard work.

I spread the work out over two days so that I didn’t spend too much time in the heat of the day.

Dead Roses, spent rose blooms, pruningTwo main objects were to get some pruning done on my roses, trees and bushes and to get the lawn mowed.

Tall grass, lawn mowing, yard work, vacationThe lawn really needed mowing, but it had to wait for today. Yesterday I did the pruning and also cleaned up my rose bushes. This morning was trash pickup and this week was yard waste. I had to prioritize.

Trash Pickup, Yard waste, tree trimmings, rose trimmings, bush trimmingI filled the entire yard waste container with trimmings from three trees, three bushes and six rose bushes. It took a bit of work to get it all done. But, I did finish before it got too dark to work.

trimmed rose bushes, deadheading roses, yard workThe rose bushes looked a lot better after I finished cleaning them up this morning. Gone were all the spent blooms and hopefully they will be bursting with new blooms when I get back from Israel.

Mown front yard, yard work, mowing, sprinkler checkToday I mowed the yard. After mowing the yard I did a sprinkler check to make sure that all of the lines were working properly. I enjoyed watching the water and the resultant rainbows. You can also see that the yard looks much nicer than it was in the first picture.

Hopefully the grass will not be too tall when I get home. Another reason to wait until today to mow. It gives me a bit more time and I may not have to mow the day I get back home. Although keeping active is a good way to get over jet lag šŸ™‚



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