Primary Election Day

Today was Primary Election Day in California.

I am having a few Election Memories tonight, but will concentrate on just this election in this post. You can click on the following link to read about one of my: Election Memories

I did not have time this morning to go vote before leaving for work, so planned on stopping at the polls on my way home.

I first went to where I voted in the last election, and it was the wrong place. I guess I should have paid more attention to my sample ballot and the many mailings that I received from candidates.

Polling Place, bilingual election sign, no electioneering, election dayI just had to take a picture of the Polling Place/Lugar De Votacion sign. Of course it has to be posted in both English and Spanish here in California. I was looking for the 100 Pies, but couldn’t find them.

Polling Place, Election Day, American Flag, Poll TimeI did like the nice touch of the American flag in front of the polling station. It reminded me of my freedom to vote.

Election material, Sample Ballot, Election Information, Candidate MailersLeading up to the election I had received a big stack of items in the mail. A sample ballot, election guide and many mailers from the different candidates and party headquarters. Interestingly enough I received the most mailers from a candidate that was running unopposed.

I also received many phone calls in the last two weeks, I finally just let the answering service start picking them up.

This also reminds me that I received a Happy Birthday e-mail from the RNC along with a request for a donation.

I Voted Sticker, Vote Sticker, Flag StickerAfter filling out my ballot I received an ‘I Voted’ sticker. I always like to get the sticker and wear it proudly. Since I was headed home, no one really saw the sticker. You get the chance to see it now đŸ™‚

Election Stickers, I voted, primary election, electionsThe sticker has now joined some of my other ones on the mirror above my dresser. They remind me to make sure I vote in each election. I need to let my voice be heard.

Now to find out the results of the election. Did the candidates and measures that I voted for win? Will I be able to vote for the same person in the General Election in November?



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