Packing for Shanghai

Tonight I am packing for my trip to Shanghai. It will be a short trip of only a week, but I will be taking long flights to get there and back. The flight time is just over thirteen hours on the way and only eleven and a half on the way back.

Welcome Aboard - United 787 Entertainment system - Boeing 787At least my flight is on a Boeing 787. It is quickly becoming my favorite airplane. I feel much better after a long flight on a 787. See: First 787 Flight

Empty Suitcase, Packing, packing formula, Trip, TravelLuckily my suitcase is mostly packed. I am just waiting on the dryer to finish so that I can fold a few more items and get them placed in the proper place.

The geometry of packing (See: The Packing Formula) is much easier if I am only traveling for a week.

Packing, Suitcase, Clifford the Big Red SuitcaseSoon the suitcase will look very much like this. Including the fleece that is on top. It goes with me on almost all of my trips.

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, Shanghai, Bridge, Stone Bridge, ReflectionsTonight I am sleeping at home, but the next night spent in a bed will be just down the street from this bridge that I am hoping to get better pictures of next week. See: Photo List for Shanghai

Crowne Plaza, Pudong, Shanghai, China, HotelMy home for next week is a familiar place where I have stayed four or five times before. I am losing track 🙂

Noodle Restaurant, Shanghai, Pudong, Chinese Food, Chinese CuisineLuckily I know the local restaurants and perhaps one meal will be taken here at one of my favorite noodle shops. See: Xian Noodles

I look forward to the trip as I will be meeting with some of my trainers from around the world. We have a lot of work to do, but we should have a good time completing it.

Now to get those last items folded.



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