Low Thoughts

Sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to Shanghai, and I am having Low Thoughts. I am checking Facebook and see that my friend Luke led his group through the Dead Sea area today.

So, since I need to make a quick post before the flight here are some images from the Lowest Place on Earth.

Oldest City in the World - Jericho - Tell es-SultanJericho is not only one of the oldest cities in the world, it is also one of the lowest as it sits just north of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea, FloatingThis picture is from last year when I was floating in the slimy dead sea with friends.

Dead Sea - Israel - Lowest Point on EarthI would much rather enjoy the beauty of the Dead Sea like this 🙂

North end of Masada, Herod, King Herod

I am also having memories of Masada which was a fortress along the Dead Sea. I can only imagine what Herod’s palace was like during his time.

Ein Gedi, Waterfall, Wildlife preserve, Pools of Ein GediI am also remembering how refreshing the pools of En Gedi were after a long two weeks digging in the dirt at Lachish. This memory helps clean up the gross memories of floating in the slimy Dead Sea 🙂

Now, on to China.


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