Vahdam High Mountain Oolong Tea

Tonight I tried a second tea that my student from India brought for me.

This High Mountain Oolong tea is from the company Vahdam and had some unique packaging.

Vahdam Tea, Oolong Tea, Indian TeaI like the little saying on the top of the box ‘Unbox a New Journey in Tea’.

Vahdam Tea Packaging, Indian Tea, Innovative packagingInside the box is a vacuum packed bag of tea and also another zipper bag to store the tea in once the vacuum pack is opened. There is also a label to put on the bag that has the type of tea and also directions for use. This is very helpful when you have a lot of tea 🙂

There are also some interesting quotes on the flaps of the box. I like this one the best.

All you need is a cup of tea, a light, your stereo. You know that’s what I had’ —  Steve Jobs

Of course, we have to modify this a bit today and instead of your stereo it is your Apple device that has i-Tunes.

Wednesday Tea, Vahdam Tea, Indian TeaHere is the zipper pack that is ready for the tea from the vacuum pack now that it has the label applied.

You can see also here that it is a Darjeeling Oolong Tea just like the other one my student brought for me.

Darjeeling Oolong Tea, Indian Tea, Zipper Pack, Tea Leaves, Loose Leaf TeaHere are the tea leaves and again you can tell that this is one of the more highly oxidized oolong teas. I like the way the leaves reflect off of the inside of the foil package.

Tea Brewing , infuser, oolong tea, Indian Tea, Vahdam TeaHere the tea is being infused. The color of the tea is about the same as the hair of the little Amish girl on my Wednesday tea towel.

Oolong Tea, Vahdam Tea, Heavy Oxidized OolongHere is the tea after removing the infuser. You can see that there are quite a few small leaf bits in the bottom of the cup. I think that this is just because I basically took tea from the bottom of the bag after pouring it from one bag to another.

The tea has a nice color which darkened a bit more as it cooled. There was a nice earthy aroma with little hints of fruit. The taste was smooth with a bit of citrus finish. It will be interesting to see how the taste progresses through multiple infusions.

The oxidation level for this tea is a little lower than the tea from Andees that I tried on Monday, so it may have better staying power with multiple infusions.

I also have another tea to try in the next few days. I also have a student from Singapore this week and he brought me some tea from Taiwan.

If it wasn’t too close to bed time I would go have another cup of tea 🙂


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3 Responses to Vahdam High Mountain Oolong Tea

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  2. This sounds like an amazing tea! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this company and the teas they sell. I’m going to have to treat myself to some soon.

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