May Flowers

Do you know the saying April showers bring May flowers? We definitely have May flowers around and it is making me think of some beautiful pictures of flowers I have shared before.

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica - The State Flower of CaliforniaI have been seeing a lot of California Poppies along the road during my commute so thought of this beautiful picture. I took this picture in the Dublin cemetery.

You can see more pictures of California Poppies by clicking on the link.

March Iris - Purple Iris - March Flowers - Spring BloomsAt this time of year there are always a lot of beautiful iris around. One of these years I am going to plant some here at home. However, I always think about it when it is not planting season.

Yellow Iris - Patterson, California - Yellow Flower - Yellow Bloom - IrisSince I really like them, here is a yellow iris.

St. Patrick Rose, Green Tinted Rose, Yellow RoseOf course, I have some beautiful roses in my yard that bloom all year so maybe I don’t need any more flowers 🙂

Agapanthus bloom, Blue Agapanthus, back yard, flowersIn my back yard I have a nice agapanthus, but it blooms later in the year. I have been watching for the first stalks to appear, but nothing so far.

With all the April showers we should have a lot of good May flowers. I will be watching out for some good photo opportunities 🙂

What are your favorite May flowers?


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1 Response to May Flowers

  1. The flower pictures are beautiful, especially the poppy-just stunning!

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