Roses Brighten a Gloomy Morning

This morning my roses helped brighten a gloomy morning. The weather for the past week has been much cooler and cloudy than normal for this time of year.

Mr. Lincoln Rose, Roses, Stormy sky, gloomy weatherWhen I went out and picked up my paper this morning I saw again that the sky was dark and foreboding.

As I was leaving I saw a nice photo opportunity as I looked out my garage door past my Mr. Lincoln Rose bush toward the dark and cloudy sky. You can see that the sun is starting to peak through though.

My Mr. Lincoln bush is full of nice big red roses that are very fragrant.

Yellow Floribunda, Yellow Roses, Rose GardenThe rest of my roses are to the other side of the garage door. The bush in front is a big yellow floribunda and is usually full of blooms throughout the year.

You can see some of the other rose bushes behind this first one.

Tropicana Rose Bush, White Mold, moldy leaves, rose bloomsHere are some of the blooms on my Tropicana rose bush. They have a beautiful color. You can also see the mildew on the leaves, which is a common problem with some older hybrid tea roses. It may be hard to see, but I also have a bit of an aphid problem. I need to go buy some ladybugs this weekend.

St. Patrick Rose Bush, Yellow Rose, Hybrid Tea, RosesHere is a beautiful bloom on my St. Patrick rose bush. I like the way that the petals are closely packed as it opens.

St. Patrick Rose, Green Tinted Rose, Yellow RoseHere is another St. Patrick bloom. Here you can really see why this rose is called the St. Patrick. I really like the green tinge to the outer petals.

It would have been nice to spend more time in the rose garden this morning, but students awaited at the office and I needed to face the commute.

I dodged a few sprinkles on the way to work and also passed through an area where the road was wet from a shower that had just come through.

When I got to work the weather was even more gloomy and it was sprinkling. However, not enough to really get wet between the car and the door.

It was sunny through the day while I was shut up inside, but by the time I headed home it was cloudy and gloomy again.

Tonight on my walk the sky was clear, but it was cold and windy. It was a good thing I had a long sleave shirt on as the temps were in the 50’s.

It is so nice to have roses to brighten my morning.



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