Tracy Traffic Troubles

Over the next few months there will be major Tracy Traffic Troubles. I am hoping that they do not affect me too much as traffic is already bad enough.

Tracy Traffic Troubles, Tracy Hills, Road Closure, Landscaping, 11th street, 580, Corral HollowSome of the trouble we have been dealing with for some time and it is getting closer to conclusion. This is the I-580 overlay and shoulder work that has been going on since last year. They are busy laying down blacktop every night and also getting ready to start using metering lights on the Altamont. See: Metering the Altamont

Also this week they started landscaping work on 11th Street between Corral Hollow and Lammersville. The initial announcement was that both directions would be shut down to two lanes, but for not it is only the eastbound side. I can only imagine what it would be like for school traffic if the westbound side had a lane closure.

Corral Hollow, Road Closure, Traffic Trouble, Commute NightmareHowever, the biggest traffic trouble is going to be the full closure of Corral Hollow between Linne Road and 580. This closure begins on Monday.

See the Corral Hollow Closure website for more details.

The road will be closed for about three months to widen, resurface and extend utilities to the new Tracy Hills development

Corral Hollow Closure, Tracy Hills, Road Construction, UtilitiesWhen the construction is completed there will then be a series of shorter closures on Corral Hollow between Linne Road and Valpico Road from July to October.

This will not directly affect me during the week, but I will have to take a different route to church on Sunday mornings.

580 Corridor, traffic, commute traffic, Corral HollowAs you can see on this map there are not a lot of options for people to get from Tracy into the Bay Area. However, the closure of Corral Hollow will restrict access to one of the alternate routes.

Corral Hollow Closure, Tracy Traffic Troubles, Road Closure, 580 CorridorDuring the week there will most likely be some effect of the closure for me as more cars will take a northern route out of Tracy. With Corral Hollow closed some commuters will detour up Corral Hollow and Lammers to 11th Street. This will increase traffic on 205. Others will take Valpico Road and then continue on to Schulte Road. They will then take 580 up to the 205/580 bottleneck. A lot of these commuters are already taking 580, but are entering at Corral Hollow.

Some additional commuters will take Patterson Pass over to Livermore, but this is already a crowded alternative. Most likely they will be some of the many who normally continue south on Corral Hollow which at some point becomes Tesla as it heads through the hills to Livermore.

The Tesla/Corral Hollow route will probably still get some traffic as many people from further south will take this route. Especially if the traffic to the north is worse.

The next few months will not be very nice for traffic. I have a few trips planned, so perhaps I will miss some of the worst part of it.

There is even a petition out there for people to sign trying to get Corral Hollow to have at least one lane opened during commute hours in the normal commute direction. I think it will be fruitless as the decision was made long ago and communicated to the public.

Wish me luck with my commute 🙂



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