California Barns

Tonight will be mainly a picture post of California Barns.  I just had a picture wandering through my thoughts and had to share it. I bundled it with a few more 🙂

California Barns, Central Valley, California, barnsI took this picture on Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and you could clearly see the hills lining the Central Valley in the distance. I have always liked old barns and this one is a beauty. You can also see a few more barns in the distance.

Barn, California Barn, Cloudy Day, Storm approachingLater in the day storm clouds were building and temperatures started to drop.

Flag Barn, Vasco Road, Livermore California, Detour, Traffic, Golden hillsTonight I also thought of this Patriotic Barn in the Livermore Hills. This is definitely not what it looks like now as the hills are all green from the winter rains.

Old Barn - Tracy, California - Barns - Wooden Barn - California Central ValleyI often pass this barn on Saturdays on my way home from running errands. Each year this barn becomes a bit more dilapidated.

Barn at Dusk - Winter Barn - Barn at Sunset - Backset - SilhouetteThe second picture above made me think of this picture that was taken on a day with less clouds but a sky full of color.

These pictures make me glad I live close to farm lands 🙂


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