California Spring

Today was a beautiful spring day in California. The temperatures were warm and the sky was clear.

My Sister posted pictures today of snow in Kansas City, so they did not have a springlike day 🙂

Baby Chickens, Spring, farmyard, eggs, easterThere are some baby chickens at the orchard. One of the free-range chickens had been hiding a nest of eggs and they just recently hatched. I tried to get close to get a picture, but this was the best I could do.

Baby chickens are definitely a nice sign of spring and renewal.

Walnut Orchard, No leaves, no blossoms, spring, late bloomingThe walnut trees are still pretty bare, but they are some of the last trees to green up.

For a look at how far along some of the other type of trees are click on my post from last Sunday: After the Blossoms

Walnut Trees, spring foilage, leaves, spring leavesThe walnut trees will soon be full of leaves though as it is now April and some of the trees are starting to green up.

Apple Blossoms, Apple Trees, Spring blossomsThe apple trees still have a few blossoms on them, but soon most of the fruit trees will be full of fruit.

pine trees, evergreen trees, pine cones, springEven the evergreen trees are starting to have new growth. I really like this little cluster of small pine cones.

What a beautiful day to enjoy the wonders of creation.


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  1. Sherry Hamilton says:

    very beautiful

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