After the Blossoms

In the California orchards the blossoms are falling off the trees and what comes ‘After the Blossoms’?

Apricot Tree, Fruit, Blossoms, trees, orchardsIt is now time in the orchards for the fruits or nuts to start growing. Here you can see the beginnings of an apricot. The trees are also starting to grow leaves as the fruit comes on.

Cherry Fruit, blossoms, cherry blossoms, orchards, cherriesThe cherry trees are also starting to grow fruit. Here you see two cherries in different states of growth. Gone are the beautiful blossoms on most trees and it will not be long until there are nice large red cherries.

Figs, orchards, trees, fig trees, fruitThe fig trees are also starting to grow fruit and green up with leaves. I am looking forward to when they are ripe.

almonds, almond tree, orchards, springNot only fruit trees, but also some of the nut trees are starting to produce their crop. Here we see a couple of almonds starting to form. The lower one is still wearing the remains of a blossom like a skirt.

Walnut Tree, spring, delayed start, walnut orchardHowever, the walnuts are always behind. They do not yet have leaves on the trees let alone nuts. Give them a little more time though and the walnut orchards will be alive with color. Of course, they are also one of the last fruits or nuts to be harvested in the fall.

California is definitely full of fruits and nuts this time of year šŸ™‚


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