Potato Chip Fortune

Today while eating a bag of potato chips I found an interesting shaped potato chip.

Dirty Potato Chips, Snack, ChipsI don’t think that I have ever had “Dirty” Potato Chips before. This bag of Salt & Vinegar chips were leftover from a meeting and I grabbed it yesterday for when I was a bit hungry during a class. That was today 🙂

Potato Chips, Dirty Chips, Salt & VinegarI liked the texture of the chips. They were a bit thicker than normal and had some good crunch. In fact, I only ate a few as my students were taking a test and eating them was a bit noisy. They also had a really nice taste.

Fortune Cookie shaped Potato Chip, Shaped ChipsOne of the chips that I pulled out of the bag looked almost exactly like a fortune cookie. It was a bit smaller, but definitely fortune cookie shaped.

Fortune Cook Shape, Chips, Dirty ChipsHere is another view. Of course, there was no fortune inside the chip 🙂

Chinese Potato Chip, Fortune Cooke, FortunesI took a picture and sent it to a friend with a caption. Thinking back now, I probably could have come up with a better caption. Maybe just change it to “Chinese Fortune Potato Chip”

If you search for “Potato Chip Shaped Like” you will come up with a bunch of interesting images of potato chips that look like people, animals or other objects.

Now my potato chip fortune cookie will probably show up too 🙂

What is the most interesting shaped chip you have seen?


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