Pi Day Pies

A quick post tonight to show my Pi Day pies. I just had to have some pie to celebrate Pi Day.

Marie Callenders Pie, Pot Pie, Pi DayFor dinner tonight I looked in my freezer and saw that I had a Marie Callender’s Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie. I like a nice savory pot pie, so it was soon in the oven.

Flaky Crust, Pi Day, Pot PieI like the crust of the Marie Callender’s pot pies. I like to eat the top crust first and sometimes will dip the crust in the filling.

Eating Pot Pie, Marie Callenders, Pi DayThen it is time to eat the filling. This one had some nice chunks of chicken and vegetables. A nice comfort food to have after being sick earlier in the week.

After eating the filling it is then time to eat the bottom crust. It takes a fork and a spoon for me to eat a pot pie 🙂

Key Lime Pie, Pi Day, Pie, FoodI also wanted a dessert pie so since I had to stop and pick up some milk on the way home I also looked for some pie.

The best I could find was a Key Lime Pie by Edwards. Not my favorite pie, but there was not much choice without buying a large pie that I would have had to bake.

Slice of Pie, Key Lime Pie, Pi DayWell, not the best looking pie. The taste was a bit sweet and overbearing, but that could be just that my taste buds may not be back to normal.

I would have much rather had a nice home made strawberry rhubarb pie like my Amish cousins make. However, not so easy to get here in California.

Maybe I will plan better for next year on Pi day, but probably not 🙂


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