Monday in Toronto

It is Monday in Toronto and time for the weekday routine while I travel for work.

Tim Hortons, Toronto, Canada, Morning, Breakfast

Of course since I am in Toronto that means that I headed out to Tim Hortons for a breakfast sandwich, a sour cream plain donut and a hot chocolate.

Roll up the Rim, tim hortons, breakfast, canadaIt is Roll Up the Rim time at Tim Hortons, and I checked to see if I won anything. Unfortunately, I did not win anything. However, I will have another chance tomorrow morning 🙂

Flower Clock, Prince Hotel, Toronto, Westin HotelAfter breakfast I walked back to the hotel to finish a few things before walking to work in the cold weather. The Flower Clock at the Westin Prince is not as colorful in the wintertime, but it still has a certain beauty to it.

We had a good class today. I have very good students. Some I have known for 10-20 years and others for only a short time. We had a nice pizza lunch brought in and got a lot accomplished in the class.

Popeye's Chicken, Toronto, chicken fingersFor dinner tonight I headed across the street to Popeye’s Chicken and had some chicken fingers as they were the special for the day. It was nice to relax and eat finger food while reading a book.

Westin Prince, Hotel, Toronto, Night PictureAfter dinner I took a walk around the block. The block is very large and it was a good long walk. You can see here that I am a little bit away from my hotel. It was a beautiful night and the temps were a bit warmer than they were first thing in the morning. Tonight it was 28 degrees and this morning it was only 21.

Maybe Snow, March in Toronto, Snow

It will be warmer for the next few days, but there will be some snow. There will not be too much snow, so I think I will enjoy it. Perhaps I will get to walk to work in the snow 🙂

I know I may sound crazy, but I really do miss having snow in the winter since I live in California.

Now to get some rest before a fun day in the classroom tomorrow.


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