Korean Meal in Toronto

Last night in Toronto I went out to dinner with my friend John and his two sons. We went to a Korean restaurant nearby their house where they like to eat. One of the nice things that I like about Toronto is that there are a lot of different restaurants from many different cultures.

Korean Food, Toronto, Korean Cuisine, DinnerThere also seems to be a bit of fusion at times at the restaurants as this place was at one time a Japanese restaurant and still served Sushi along with Korean food. The door has a sign saying Japanese Restaurant, but the sign above is in Korean. 🙂

Restaurant Menus, Korean Food, TorontoHere we are looking through the menus while enjoying some tea. They have an extensive menu of both Korean and Sushi dishes.

Miso Soup, Korean Restaurant, TorontoFor starters with each meal there was a small noodle dish and then a bowl of miso soup. I always enjoy miso soup when it is good. I have finally found a good solution for making miso soup at home. I tried some of the dried packages before and they were not the same. However, this blog is not about eating at home so I will continue with my meal in Toronto.

Sushi, Black Dragon Sushi, mango SushiThe boys ordered some black dragon and mango sushi rolls which they really enjoyed. We even took some home for their mom. I was not too hungry so decided to save room for my main meal.

Banchan, Dried Fish, Korean CuisineI did enjoy some of the banchan, or small dishes, that are typical with Korean food. One of the choices were some little dried fish. They were really good. I also had some kimchi, but it was not as spicy as I would have liked.

Korean Food, Toronto, Bimnbap, bulgogiFor my meal I had a beef bulgogi bibimbap. I really like the combination of rice, vegetables and meat in a bibimbap. This was much better than what I get in the cafeteria at work, and almost as good as some of them that I have had in Korea.

We had a wonderful meal and some great conversation. I have known my friend John for seven years now and have enjoyed watching his kids grow up as I have visited them during trips to Toronto through the years.

I am now at my hotel near our office, but will get to see them again before I fly back later this week.

Have you ever had a bulgogi bibimbap?


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