Snowy Commute

When you see the title of my post you may wonder where I am. How did I have a snowy commute today?

I did not have to drive through snow, but I could see plenty of snow during my commute.

We had a big storm pass through the area and the temperatures dropped enough to bring the snow levels down to around 3,000 feet. I even heard thunder last night as the storm came through.

Yesterday while driving to work I saw some snow in the Livermore hills, but none on Mt. Diablo.

Snow Level, Livermore Hills, Central Valley, CaliforniaAs I headed off to work this morning I could see the snow covered peaks of the Livermore hills in the distance. They were just peeking over the top of the hills that line the western edge of the Central Valley.

I could also see the double peaks of Mt. Diablo covered in snow.

Altamont, Livermore Hills, Snow, Snow LevelAs I headed down the Altamont into Livermore you could see the snow covered hills to the south. There was more snow on the hills than I have seen in a very long time.

Mt. Diablo, Snow Covered, Snow Levels, WinterAs I turned off 580 to head to the office you could see Mt. Diablo covered with snow. The snow was far down the slopes and it looked very beautiful and impressive.

It is also interesting to see the palm trees with snow in the background.

Mt. Diablo, Snow, Winter, Snow Cover, DublinHere is the view from my parking place this morning. I felt like I was somewhere else like the mountains of Colorado.

Mt. Diablo, Dublin, California, SnowHere is one more picture of the snow on Mt. Diablo. When Mt. Diablo is snow covered it appears to be a bit closer to you.

However, by the time I left for home this afternoon the snow had all melted and Mt. Diablo was dark again.

There is another round of storms later in the week, so there is a possibility we will see more snow in the hills.



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