Saturday Musings

This has been a long week so it was good to have a relaxing Saturday where I simply went through my Saturday routine.

My basic Saturday routine is usually yard work, library, shopping, checking my mail and perhaps some laundry. The shopping is usually in the same places, unless there is something special I need to find.

Isaiah Bulla, Isaiah the Prophet, Seal, Impression, OphelI did get a nice piece of mail today. The current issue of Biblical Archaeology Review was in my mailbox. I have been looking forward to it as it has an article on the newly discovered Isaiah bulla. See: A Bulla Day

Bullae, Juglet, Lachish, Hebrew StampsThe article also references two of the bullae shown here that were found at Lachish. See: Lachish at the Museum

Kiln High School, Brett Favre, Grandpa, Same SchoolI also found out today that my Grandpa went to the same high school as Brett Favre. Of course, he went to high school in Kiln, Mississippi decades before Brett. Also, the high school by the time Brett went there was a consolidated high school that included several districts but one of those was of course the Kiln district.

Target Hot Dog, Frankfurter, ketchup, mustard, relishMy routine was a bit messed up today as the snack bar at Target was closed and I didn’t get my Saturday hot dog. This is not the first time it has happened this year. Hopefully they get things worked out soon.

I did get books returned to the library and picked up some more. I will be back on Monday night for the Friends of the Library board meeting. It will be my first meeting as a member of the board.

back yard, mowing, yardwork, SaturdayI got my yard mowed and also checked out my sprinkler system. It is that time of year when I need to turn it back on. Luckily it is working well and no repairs or adjustments were needed.

Here you can see my newly mown back yard.

tree, bloom, white bloom, spring time, yard workHere you can see that spring is on the way. My trees are starting to blossom and leaves are starting to bud. It won’t be long and there will be leaves on the trees in my yard.

OK, I have mused enough. I need to get to sleep. I stayed up too late, or early, watching the USA Men win in Curling at the Olympics. What a great match!

Oops, I need to wait for the dryer to finish so I can put in the last load of laundry. I guess I won’t get to bed as soon as I want.


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  1. Nice post! I am sure you will be a valuable asset on the Friends of the Library board! Have a great Monday!

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