Korean Fish Market

While visiting hospitals all over South Korea back in January 2005 I spent a couple of days in Busan. The first morning there I wandered out from my hotel early in the morning and visited the fish market.

Busan, Famous Fish Market, South Korea, Olympic thoughtsThe sign said that it was the Famous Fish Market, so I just had to come and see. However, I didn’t buy 🙂

The Jagalchi Fish Market is the largest fish market in South Korea and is famous throughout the country. The fresh fish that many people will eat while in South Korea for the Olympics will possibly come through this market.

Busan, South Korea, Jagalchi, Fish MarketThe sellers in the market were mostly women. There were rows and rows of fish laid out and many different buildings where they were selling fish.

It is probably good that I do not have the ability to share the smells of the fish market. It smelled a bit fishy 🙂 However, the images themselves are bringing back the smells to me.

Fresh Fish, Jagalchi Fish market, Busan, Pusan, South KoreaHere is just one example of the many kinds of fish that are available.

Fishing Boat, Nampo Harbour, Busan, South KoreaThe men are all out on the fishing boats while the women sell the catch.

I am reading a novel that is partially set in Busan and it gives a description of the fish market. However, the setting is pre-WWII so it was much different at that time.

Korean Breakfeast, Fish Market, Busan, South KoreaHere a woman is having her breakfast while waiting for customers. You can see that she has quite a few dishes to select from. This is very typical of Korean cuisine. The small dishes are called banchan.

Dried Fish, Fish Market, Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan, South KoreaJust by the fresh fish market is the dried fish market. There are several streets full of shops that sell different types of dried fish and seafood. There is quite the selection.

I had a very interesting walk that morning and one that I well remember. If you are ever in Busan, South Korea this is one place that you do not want to miss.




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