Old Blue Burnt Out Blinker

Another little problem with Old Blue this week. Fortunately it was just  a minor problem that was easy to fix on my own.

On Friday I observed that my turn signal indicator was blinking faster. I was not sure what the problem was, but somewhere in the depths of my mind I drug up the fact that it was an indication of a burnt out blinker bulb.

I did know that I wasn’t out of blinker fluid 🙂

I checked when I got home and sure enough the right rear blinker light was not blinking. However, the light was on which confused me. More about that later.

G6, Pontiac, blinker bulb, turn signal, indicator lightAfter services this morning I stopped by an auto parts store and found the bulb that I would need. Of course they didn’t sell the bulbs individually, I had to buy a pack of two. So, I now have a spare for when the next bulb burns out.

I was lucky in that I got the last one in stock. I am glad that I didn’t have to go from store to store to find a bulb.

Of course the next step was following the directions to replace the bulb.

Pontiac G6, blinker bulb, trunk compartmentAfter removing the cargo net mounts and pulling back the lining of the trunk I was able to see the two nuts I needed to remove. One is in the lower right and the other in the upper left of the picture. I was able to borrow an adjustable wrench from David and I soon had the lamp assembly removed.

G6 Pointiac, Lamp assembly, bulb replacement, blinker bulbHere you see the back of the tail light assembly. I then simply had to unscrew the bulb socket from the assembly.

Blinkger bulb, tail light lamp, blinker fluid, Pontiac G6Here you can see the socket with the new bulb. You can see that the bulb has two filaments. This is why the bulb was still lit when I checked, but was not blinking. A two in one bulb.

On the old bulb you could clearly see that the filament was burnt so it was confirmation that the bulb was the problem.

tail lamp assembly, blinker test, car trouble, blinkers, reflectionsHere I am testing the blinker before bolting the assembly back in place. You can see the glow of the blinker inside the assembly.

If you look close you can see a reflection of me taking the picture.

I am glad that I got the blinker fixed before going back into commute traffic this coming week. I don’t want other drivers muttering about me not using my blinker to indicate a lane change. I am sure I am not the only one to do so 🙂

At least I now know how to change the rear bulbs on my car. I just don’t want to tackle the front ones as they are very tricky and are a two man job.


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