Return to Winter

So far it has been a very mild winter here in California. We did get some cold weather and rain early in the season, but recently it has been very springlike.

Tulip Tree, Spring, California

The trees are starting to blossom and flowers are blooming. It was beginning to really feel like spring.Cold Weather, 28 degrees, winter, spring, seasons


But, we are getting a return to winter this week with temperatures dropping below freezing tonight and some possible rain later in the week. new growth, roses, Hybride tea roses, Tropicana, St. Patrick's RoseThe temperatures should be down to 28 in the morning and there should be some frost. I am wondering how my rose bushes will be affected. They are already starting to put on some new growth.

Week forecast, winter, rain, cold weatherHere you can see that frost is forecast in the mornings for the next few days. I am not looking forward to cold rain on Thursday, but we really do need some moisture.

Weather, Canada, March cold, slow, freezing tempsI guess that I shouldn’t complain too much, but look at it as a chance to get ready for the colder weather that I will experience in Canada the first week of March. I will be sure to take my heavier coat with me on the trip.



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1 Response to Return to Winter

  1. M.E. says:

    Seems like the cold has been hitting California around Jan through Mar more than previous years, leaving November and December with milder weather (which used to be colder). And it’s never consistent during those months either so the poor vegetation doesn’t know what to do or when to bloom. Hoping your roses come through beautifully. 🙂

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