Korean Palaces

This evening I have again been watching some of the Winter Olympics and have been thinking of trips I have made to South Korea.

Tonight I decided to share a few pictures of some of the palace complexes in Seoul.

Changgyeonggung - Seoul, South Korea - The Red Queen - Prince SadoThis picture is from the Changgyeonggung complex. You can read more about it by clicking on Changgyeonggung.

The picture above was taken on a cold winter day much like the ones that they are having now in South Korea.

Geunjeongjeon - Gyeongokgung - Main Throne Hall - Seoul, South Korea - Joseon DynastyThis building is known as Geunjeongjeon and is the main throne hall in the Gyeongbokgung complex. This palace complex is from the Josean Dynasty and was built around 1400.

Seoul, South Korea, Old and Modern, Palace, SkyscrapersHere is another view of Geunjeongjeon that was taken in 2008. The one above was taken in 2013. Can you tell a difference in the background? The skyline is entirely different as many new buildings have been built in Seoul over the years I have been traveling there.

Colorful Pasageway, Seoul, Palace ComplexThe buildings are so colorful. Here is a passageway that connects two buildings in one of the complexes. They have very intricate and colorful designs.

Japsang - earthenware rooftop figures - Joseon Dynasty - Journey to the West - Seoul - South KoreaDid you notice the little figures on the roof lines in the pictures above? Here is a closer look at the Japsang.

To learn more about Japsang and their significance you can visit my post Journey to the West.

Hyangwonjeong - Gyeongbokgung palace - Seoul, South Korea - Pavilion - Square Pond - GardenThis little structure is known as Hyangwonjeong. It is on a little island in the middle of a round pond in the Gyeongbokgung complex.

Now back to the Olympics before getting some sleep.



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