Rooibos Tea

Tonight I tried the Rooibos Tea that I brought back from Germany. Rooibos TeaI also decided to try out the new little teapot that I bought while in Germany earlier this month. This is a bit bigger teapot than the one that I usually use and it also has a pouring spout. However, the infuser and lid are the same.

tea leaves, roiboss teaRooibos Tea is technically not a tea, but has some of the same properties. It comes from South Africa and had needle shaped leaves. I will have to write another post some day with more information about Rooibos.

rooibos tea, infuserHere the tea is in the infuser ready for the hot water that is almost heated up in the tea kettle.

rooibos tea, red teaHere the tea is brewing. You can see the small needle like leaves. This is actually not the best infuser to use as some of the leaves are smaller than the slits in the infuser and leak out into the pot.

rooibos teaHere you can see the red tea in the pot and the tea leaves in the infuser after it has been removed.

rooibos tea, small tea cupsI poured the Rooibos tea into two little tea cups that I had also picked up at the same time in Germany earlier this month.

tea, rooibos tea, taiwan dramaI then took one of the little cups of Rooibos tea and enjoyed it while watching a TV show on my iPad. Here you can see two characters that are also drinking tea. However, I think that they are probably drinking oolong tea.

I have some good memories of sharing Rooibos tea with friends around the world, but that is a different post.

Have you had Rooibos tea?


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