Delayed Walk

Tonight I got ready to go out for a walk which included bundling up a bit for the cold. I had glanced at the temperature and saw that it was in the low 40’s.

However, I did not check to see if it was raining.

I had put on my earphones and started my reading and stepped out the front entryway into falling rain.

Rain delay, walking, rain, weatherI then walked back to my office to check the weather. I found that the rain was just starting and that it would be over in 34 minutes. Enough time to write a blog post šŸ™‚

rain, radar, doppler radar, rain showerThe radar shows a shower passing through the area.

It does look like there might be a chance for a little bit more later, but the Minutecast shows that there is about a 90 minute gap. Long enough to get a walk in.

Cold weather, shower, cold, almost freezingHere was the forecast for today. The early shower is a bit late. The low of 38 will not come until close to dawn, but it is only 43 now. It is actually a comfortable walking temperature if you have a heavy sweater on.

Tracy, California, Rain, Thunderstorm, RadarNow if the radar looked like this I would not have a chance for a walk tonight.

I really need to get a walk in tonight as I have been stuck in a classroom as a student all day and have less than 5,000 step today. Also, last night it was raining and I didn’t get a walk in.

Rain, minutecast, accuweather, rainy nightNow the forecast has changed and it quit raining early but will rain again in 32 minutes. Should I grab my rain jacket and go out walking?

Maybe I will check again in a few minutes.


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