Watermelon and Mint Rooibos Tea

While in South Africa I just had to buy some Rooibos Tea. I was first introduced to Rooibos when I visited there 17 years ago. I have since enjoyed it in many places around the world and of course I always keep some at home.

Rooibos Tea, Buchu Tea, South Africa, TeaI ended up buying three boxes of Rooibos tea and also some Buchu tea which is only grown in South Africa. These of course are not true teas, but herbal teas.

Rooibos tea, Watermelon, Mint, tea, red teaTonight I decided to try the Watermelon & Mint flavoured Rooibos tea. Watermelon and mint are two of my favorite flavors which is why I picked it up 🙂

tagless tea bags, tea bags, rooibos, South AfricaThe tea is packed in tagless tea bags. I decided to still use my infuser cup as it would show the brewing process and also the wonderful color of the tea.

Rooibos Tea, Freshpak tea, South Africa, Watermelon MintHere you can see the tea starting to infuse the water with color and flavor.

Rooibos Tea, South Africa, Red Tea, Watermelon tea, Mint TeaHere you see the end result. A beautiful cup of dark red tea. The aroma of the tea is wonderful, which is one of the reasons that I like Rooibos tea.

I was curious to see how much watermelon taste the tea would have and was pleasantly surprised. The watermelon taste is a bit subtle, but is definitely there along with the mint.

Another reason that I like drinking Rooibos tea is that it always brings back memories of my South Africa friends.

Have you ever tried Rooibos tea?




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