Home from Germany

A quick post tonight as I am very tired and am only minutes away from the deadline.

Jena Train Station, early morningThe day started very early with a walk to the train station in Jena. I traveled with one of my students and you see him here walking across the parking lot.

Erfurter Bahn, Regional train, GermanyOur first train was a local train from Jena to Erfurt. I like the ErfurterBahn trains as they are easy to get in and out of when you have luggage. The regional trains are not as fun when you have a big bag like Clifford.

ICE train, Erfurt, Air/Rail Ticket, Train TravelWe changed trains in Erfurt, and it was nice that Erfurt was the railhead for the train as we could immediately board and get settled in. I had time to step out and take a picture once my bags were stowed.

The ICE trains are nice as they are much faster and smoother than the local or regional trains.

Frankfurt Airport, Train Travel, Plane Travel, GermanyIt was still a bit dark when we arrived at the airport. My student rushed off to catch his flight which was earlier and I leisurely made my way to the check in counter.

I then had to Follow Z Signs to the gate area where I spent some time window shopping and had a late breakfast in the Senator Lounge.

On the Plane, Empty Row, United, 1K PerkFinally it was time to board the plane for the flight home. I had a complete row to myself in Economy Plus so at least was able to get some sleep on the way home.

Now for some good sleep before heading off to the office in the morning.


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