A Foggy Morning in Jena

This morning I looked out my hotel window and saw that it was very foggy. I knew that it would be an interesting walk to work in the fog.

Jena, Germany, Maxx Hotel, Foggy Morning

Walking in the fog can be very beautiful, but also dangerous as often the walkway may be slippery.

Walk to Work, trees in fog

The walk to work is divided between a trail through trees and then along sidewalks beside industrial buildings. Of course, the first part is much more scenic.
tall trees in fog, Jena, Germany, foggy morning

I like these tall trees which look very much different in the winter time without any leaves and are also beautifully silhouetted against the fog.

River Saale, Jena, Germany, Foggy walk

I also walk over a bridge that crosses the Saale River. The fog is of course usually denser along the river and it is very interesting to see the shadows, reflections and silhouettes in this picture.

Foggy street, sidewalk, morning fog

This picture is taken right at the transition point between the trail and sidewalk sections of my walk to work. I think that this one really captures the mood of walking in the fog.

Tomorrow there will not be a walk to work, but rather a walk to the train station at 4:00.

From there I take the train to Frankfurt for my flight home.


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2 Responses to A Foggy Morning in Jena

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  2. Luis M Barreiro says:

    That picture of the Saale with fog is wonderful, Steve. Really nice shot.

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