2018 Calendars

This post is a little late, but I didn’t get my 2018 calendars until I arrived home yesterday from my trip to Germany.

I had ordered the calendars before Christmas, and figured that even though I did not opt for express shipping that they would arrive before the New Year. I though that worst case they would arrive early in the first week of the year.

Calendars, 2018 Calendars, Barns, Sherlock, National GeographicThe calendars were ordered through calendars.com which I have used for the past years as one of the calendars I get each year is usually not available at the kiosk in the mall. I usually check before I order.

I cannot fault calendars.com for not getting the calendars to me before I left on my trip to Germany. They sat at the local post office for several days before being delivered.

Barn Calendar, Barns, Red BarnFor the past few years one of the calendars that I get has been a barn calendar. There are usually several choices available. This year I chose one by brown trout. I really like this red barn that is on the cover of the calendar.

Barns bring back good memories of growing up in farm and ranch country. This calendar hangs above my computer in my home office.

Sherlock Calendar, 2018 CalendarLast year I bought a Sherlock calendar and so enjoyed it that I had to get another one this year. This one is hanging in my kitchen for now, but may get replaced if I can find a good food related calendar. If so, Sherlock will head to my bathroom since I did not get a free Orchard Supply calendar this year.

Calendars, 2018 Calendars, Barns, Sherlock, National GeographicHere are the four calendars that I ordered from calendars.com. The National Geographic Eagles and Elephants calendars rounded out the order. I have been getting the Eagles calendar for more that 10 years now and it is the one that I started ordering on-line to get.

I am remembering other calendar streaks that I have had. One that I remember was a streak of about five years getting an Amish Quilts calendar before they discontinued it. I also had Lighthouse calendars for a few years after winning an award that included a lighthouse shaped trophy.

Barn Calendar, Plymouth, New Hampshire, Red Barn, Snow, MemoriesHere is the January picture for the Barns calendar. I really love this scene in snowy New Hampshire. The red barn contrasted against the snow is absolutely gorgeous. I can just imagine tramping from the house to the barn in the snow to feed the animals before hooking up my horses for a sleigh ride through the countryside.

What calendars do you have this year?


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1 Response to 2018 Calendars

  1. Maggi Fagen says:

    One of my Christmas requests was a calendar with Terry Redlin paintings. I had shown it to the girls in a local store, but by the time they went back with Ed, there were none left. So, they reserved one at Barnes and Noble since we would be going to one in Des Moines. However, it was not reserved and they were also sold out. So, Ed had them order it and sent to our house. It really is beautiful. Ed is fond of the free calendars from the drugstore, but this year we will be enjoying something a little more extravagant!

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