Through the Fog

Monday morning I drove through fog on my way to work. The time of year has come for the winter rains and along with the rain we often have fog.

Railroad crossing, fog, commuteI actually like the look of fog, but I really do not like driving in heavy fog. A little bit of fog can be scenic, but heavy fog can be dangerous.

Foggy street, sidewalk, morning fogOf course, walking to work in fog is different. Then you don’t have to worry about people driving much too fast for the current visibility. The picture here is from my post A Foggy Morning in Jena that I wrote last week.

Altamont Pass, Fog, Foggy CommuteBack to this week. Here I am out on the highway on my way to work. You can see that there is not much traffic. That is because Monday was a holiday for many people, but I had a class starting and had to get to work.

Fog on Altamont, Commute, Foggy MorningHere you can see the limited visibility as I headed up the Altamont. It was nice to be able to drive the speed limit and get to work quickly. However, I did not feel as safe with porous traffic in the fog. Whenever traffic is moving with gaps between cars you always have people that want to drive much faster than everyone else which can be very dangerous in the fog.

I remember one big black SUV without any lights on that appeared out of nowhere behind me. It was quickly past me and back out of sight in the fog ahead. Drivers like this make me feel a bit unsafe while driving in fog.

Foggy Day, Foggy Commute, Altamont, Dangerous DrivingThe way up the Altamont continued to be foggy, but it started to clear after I reached the crest.

I was glad that it cleared up as traffic was moving very fast because of the holiday. I did have a bit of fog on the way home, but not as dense. Today was the opposite. Heavy traffic and clear skies.

Please remember that the fog in the Central Valley of California can be very dangerous in the winter time, so please be careful and slow down. The life you may save may be your own.


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