Fall to Winter in Jena

During my last trip to Jena I shared some comparison shots of how much the fall color had changed in two weeks. See: Fall Two Weeks Later

Tonight I will share some comparisons from fall to winter.

jena, germany, walk to work

Here is a view from three months ago of my walk to the office.

Walk to work, Winter, Jena, Germany

Here is the same spot on my way to work on Friday. The pictures were taken at about the same time of day. You can see how much darker it is and also that the trees are completely free of leaves.

Jena, Germany, Trail, trees

Here is another picture taken on Saturday that shows the area in better light. It is not quite as gloomy with the sun shining. However, you can still see a big contrast between fall and winter.

Red leaves, Trees, Germany, Fall, Autumn

Here is the street our office is on in the height of fall. The trees are full of leaves and very colorful.

Winter, No leaves, Office street, contrast

Here you see the picture from Friday and the big contrast between fall and winter. Much more colorful in fall 🙂

Saale River, Fall, Germany, Jena, Germany, Colorful treesHere is a view of the Saale River in fall. You can see the beautiful color in the trees.

Saale River, Jena, Germany, Winter View

Here is a picture taken on Saturday. There is still some residual color in the trees, but definitely a lot less leaves. The river is also very full with runoff from the winter rains that Jena is receiving.

Definitely a lot of change since my trips here during the fall.

Alas, I can only imagine what it would look like with a bit of snow.


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