Delays to the Airport

This morning as I started my car a warning light came on that I had low tire pressure.

My first thought was that I had another defective tire pressure sensor, but upon further checks found that one tire was low.

Pontiac G6 GXP, Blue Car, Auto Work

The tire still had 19 psi so I drove Old Blue to the dealer to see if I could get the tire fixed quickly so I could head off to the airport.

Luckily I had planned on spending a couple hours at the office on the way to the airport.

Goodyear tires, new tires, Pontiac G6 GXP

They checked the tire and while they were backing it into position I notice a big nail or screw sticking out of the tread. They were able to repair the tire and I was then able to head off to the office.

ICE Train, Frankfurt Airport, FernbahnhofI needed to stop by the office to print out the instructions and pass code that I need to redeem my rail ticket once I get to Germany. I am trying out a combination plane/rail ticket on this trip. Something that I should have probably been using for years.

I also wanted to see a couple people at the office, especially since I hadn’t seem them all year 🙂

One of my colleagues who has worked for the company for 30+ years is also retiring at the end of this week and I wanted to wish him good luck in his retirement. We were able to share a few good memories. I will miss him as he does a lot of work that benefits me, plus I may have to do a few of his tasks once he retires.

Anza Parking , airpot parking, San Francisco Airport, SFO, Shuttle Bus

I was soon on the way to drop my car off with ANZA Parking and was on the shuttle to the airport. I made it to the airport with plenty of time before the flight, but I was a bit worried this morning when I left home. It is a good thing that I planned on spending some time at the office on the way here.

San Francisco Airport, United, 777I will soon be boarding my flight for the long trip to Germany. Hopefully I will have an empty seat by me.


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