Formulaic Packing

Packing for me is usually formulaic. How many days will I be traveling? How many work days? Will I be attending any special functions? Will I have access to laundry? All of these plus many more are inputs to The Packing Formula.

CRC Standard Mathematical TablesUnfortunately there are no standard packing tables in a math book like this.

Robinson's Mathematical Series, Old School Book, 1864But, I don’t need to use a text like this old book on Higher Arithmetic that belonged to my 2nd great grandfather Alfred VanDuzor. See: Old School Books

I just need to do a bit of basic math and a lot of counting. However, Geometry does come in handy when trying to figure out where to put everything in the suitcase.

Weather, Jena, Germany, Cold Weather, Rain, ClothingIt is also important to check the weather where you are going to see if you need to take a rain jacket or a heavy coat. This week if you are traveling within the United States that is very important as it is very cold in many places.

I checked the weather for where I am going in Germany and it looks like I can keep the heavy winter coat at home. The temps will barely drop below freezing which can easily be handled with layers. So several sweaters will go into the bag. I also may need my rain jacket, which is also another layer πŸ™‚

Empty Suitcase, Packing, packing formula, Trip, TravelOnce you determine what to take it is time to fill up the suitcase.

Packing, Suitcase, Clifford the Big Red SuitcaseThe suitcase will look similar to this when it is packed. Including the fleece that is shown here. It has been on most of my trips. You can also see the blue rain jacket that folds up into a little packet and my shaving kit. Or should it be called a shaving kit? It will have a razor in it for trimming purposes only πŸ™‚

Now to finish packing as soon as the clothes in the dryer are finally ready.

Is your packing formulaic?



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