Neighborhood Holiday Decorations

This evening I took a walk around the neighborhood and took pictures of some of the holiday decorations.

Snowman, Hunter, Gun, Christmas DecorationsI have seen this inflatable for the past couple of years. I like the big snowman with the cap, vest and rifle. It always brings a smile when I see it. It reminds me of living where you have snow and where hunting is much more common than here in California.

Ghost Deer, Lawn decorations, white lightsThe first thing that comes to mind with this picture is ‘Ghost Deer’. They do look a bit transparent. Luckily they are a couple blocks away from the hunting snowman.

Noel, Christmas Decorations, HolidaysI like the colors here. Green and Blue are two of my favorite colors. The wreaths and letters on the garage door are classic decorations. Not too showy, but make a statement.

Winter Scene, Colorful lights, winter wonderlandHere is another nature scene with trees and deer. The candy canes look a bit out of place, but overall a nice decoration.

Inflatables, decorations, Colorful Holiday DisplayHere is the most heavily decorated house in the neighborhood. Almost the entire lawn is full of inflatable Christmas decorations. It is also listed in our local paper as one of the best decorations in town so I had to walk past a couple times to get the picture I wanted. People were stopping by for a look and cars were in the way.

It was good to have a nice long walk. I have been a bit behind on my walking and need to get back on track.



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