Christmas Post Memories

Tonight I am thinking of a few Christmas posts that I have written in the past.

Manger at Megiddo, King Ahab, StablesOne of the posts is titled Away in a Manger and talks about what a manger would have looked like at that time of Christ’s birth.

I have been seeing a lot of pictures of Nativity scenes and many of them have a wooden manger. Would they have been made of wood? Click on the link above to learn more.

Three Wise Men - The Three Magi - Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar - Wise Men - OrientThinking of Nativity scenes, I also thought about a post I wrote titled Three Wise Men?

Do we know how many wise men there were? Why are they depicted in a Nativity scene? They did not visit right away. Again, click on the link above for more of my thoughts on this subject.

Olive Wood Nativity Set, Kado Store, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Stable, MangerOf course, many Nativity sets include the three wise men including the ones that I wrote about in Olive Wood Nativity Sets.

Anker Nativity Scene - Toy Blocks - Ankerstein - Christmas - Christmas Eve - Anchor BlocksA Nativity scene is also known as a creche. Here is a picture from an Ankerstein plan book of a creche. As usual the wise men are there much earlier than they should be 🙂

You can read more about Ankerstein creches and see pictures of some I have built in my post Three Anker Creches.

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens - The Crane Classics - 1908I am also thinking about A Christmas Carol. It won’t be long and I am sure I can find a version to watch on TV. Or, I could probably search on-demand or Netflix and find something to watch now.

Oh, back to the post I wrote about A Christmas Carol. Click on the link to find out who I got to hear read a selection from the book. I also share some of my memories of watching renditions of the book on TV.

Do you have memories of watching A Christmas Carol?



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