Out and About on Black Friday

While the ladies were out shopping today I went with my brothers and brother-in-law to go play disc golf.

It was a nice day to spend outside as the weather was warm and sunny. However, it was a bit windy which was not as nice for throwing discs.

Caboose, Disc golf course, Kansas City, Black Friday

For me this meant a great time to take some pictures. At the first course that we played there was an old caboose at the start and it made for a nice picture.

Disc Golf, Disc Carriers, golfing, Black Friday

My two brothers both play a lot of disc golf. They also have helped design and build courses. My brother-in-law also plays, but not as much. They each had their own bags of discs that they use for different types of situations, just like in ball golf where you carry different clubs.

For the first two courses I carried my brother-in-law’s bag for him and just observed them playing. I was then able to take a lot of pictures 🙂

Contemplating the Shot, Disc Golf, Golfing, Black Friday

I really like this picture of my  younger brother as he contemplates the throw he will make from the weeds. The first course was very woody and had some very tight fairways so they spent a lot of time searching for discs 🙂

Winter Sky, Smithville Lake, Disc Golf, Black Friday

Our second stop was a course at Smithville Lake. The sky was beautiful and I just had to take a few shots of the clouds.

Disc golf, Black Friday, Smithville Lake, Black Friday

It is a bit difficult to see the basket in this shot, but it is down through the rows of trees. It was a bit challenging to throw it straight down the middle. I liked the nice rows of trees, especially as the sun was positioned just right to throw the shadows straight down each row.

Disc Golfing, Smithville Lake, Golfing, Black Friday, Golf Basket

When reviewing my pictures this one caught my eye. This is a bit artistic with the pine tree in the foreground and the disc basket in the back.

At the third stop I borrowed a disc and played along with them. I am glad that I didn’t play all three courses as the twisting to throw uses some muscles I am not used to using so much.

We made it back well before the ladies, and watched a few football games and some movies.

It was nice to get some good fresh air and exercise after all the food yesterday.

What did you do on Black Friday?


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1 Response to Out and About on Black Friday

  1. Interesting post! I have a taxi business for the Amish! On Black Friday: I picked up the first customer and her friend and we went to the mall for some shopping. 3.5 hours later I had them at home and picked up two other customers (sisters who had a ladies night out at the hotel), to take home. I arrived home, heated up some pizza, finished it off, and headed down the road. I had heard there was a Snowy Owl in the area. I arrived at the location of the sighting and it was still there. I took some photos and then drove around taking photos of farms with corn shocks in the fields. On the way home I received a call to take a gentleman and his married daughter to the doctor. While on that run, a sister of the morning shopper said another sister, a brother and her want to go to the mall shopping. I picked them up at 4 pm. They went shopping for 2.5 hours, then we went to Applebees for dinner, and I was home by 9:30. A fun filled day with a nice income. Most days, I only have one taxi run or maybe two, with some weeks, three days without any trips!

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