Walking with Joshua

Earlier this week I was listening to Joshua during my evening walks. I felt like I was walking with Joshua as I listened to the words of the book.

I have been to many of the places mentioned in Joshua so I could easily picture the events. Each time I listen to or read Joshua the images becomes clearer.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotJoshua begins with the account of the fall of Jericho. We all know the story of how the Walls of Jericho fell, but having seen them in person really makes the account come alive.

Do you know how big Jericho was? It may surprise you. Click on the link above to find out.

Jericho - Valley of Achor - Achan - Devoted to Destruction - Joshu - AiNext of course is Achor and Ai which are interrelated with the story of the sin of Achan.

The picture above is taken from Jericho and you see what is believed to be the Valley of Achor in the distance.

Gibeonite Deception - Gibeon Israel - Joshua - Nebi Samwil - Conquest of IsraelThen comes the Gibeonite Deception. Many of us may see them as just a minor town, but Gibeon was a large fortified city for the time.

Tell Lachish, Ferrell Jenkins, Israel, Archaeology, Dig SeasonOf course the trickery of the Gibeonites led to the beginning of the Battle of the Long Day. I have been to several of the places that were conquered during that time. Of course I am very familiar with the city above. Do you know which city it is?

See Conquest and Division to see more from this time.

Shechem - City of Refuge - Joshua - Tell Balata - Nablus - ArchaeologyDuring the division of the land they also identified where people could go to A Place of Refuge. In the picture above you see the ruins of the city of Shechem.

As for Me and My House we willl Serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15 - Joshua Plaque - Home BlessingWhenever I hear Joshua’s Farewell speech I always think of this plaque that hangs on my parent’s wall.

I always have good memories when I listen to or read Joshua, and this is definitely one of them.

I have now made it to I Samuel after finishing Judges and Ruth tonight and the images keep coming as I listen 🙂


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