Morning Exercise

This morning I did some exercise multitasking. I walked to the polling place which was about a thousand meters away and also exercised my right to vote.

Exercise, Right to vote, Keep Right, Election DayOn the way to the polls I saw a sign that made me think. I had already made  decisions on my votes and I did keep to the right.

Voting Day, General Election, California VotingI finally made it to the polling place and went in to vote. Since it was early I did not have to wait in line to vote.

I filled out two very long voting cards. To see what choices I had to make click on: Preparing to Vote

Polling Place, 100 Feet, 100 Pies, No ElectioneeringThis sign always cracks me up. Of course here in California the signs are bilingual. However, I always read this that in approximately 100 feet there will be approximately 100 pies. After exercising two ways I was a bit hungry for some pie.

I voted sticker, Election day, Trump vs. ClintonOf course the obligatory selfie with the ‘I Voted’ sticker was next on the agenda.

Plane towed banner, Election banner, Election dayOn the way back home I finally got a picture of a small plane that was flying overhead towing a political banner. It was for one of the mayoral candidates.

Park, Gazebo, Fall Day, Beautiful walk, exercise, Vote WalkIt was a beautiful fall day for a walk. I was able to get a few nice pictures of the gazebo in the park near my house on the way back home.

Now back to the election coverage and find out if we will have a new President before I go to bed.


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