A Long Week

It seems like it has been much longer than a week since the last Friday night. So, mainly just some random thoughts will be shared tonight.Altamont Crash, Parking on the Altamont, Accident, Commute Nightmare, Altamont, Motorcycle crashLast Friday evening found me Parked on the Altamont on the way home and tonight almost became the same. There were three major wrecks on my route home but I was able to skirt around them and not get caught in the mess.

Friend, Memories, Kansas City, Airport DriverThis afternoon was a bit sad as I learned of the passing of a friend from Kansas City. I have great memories of Eugene as he was my airport driver when I lived there. I always enjoyed talking to Eugene on our trips to and from the airport. He was an elder at the congregation I attended and I was close friends with many of his family members.

111 degrees, heat wave, california, hot weekendThis week also ended with the start of a heat wave with temps again in the 100’s for the next few days. On the way home tonight the temperature reached 111 degrees just past the top of the Altamont. I am glad I was not parked there this week.

Tracy Fireworks, 2017 fireworks, 4th of July, Independence DayOf course Independence Day was also this week. It is always a bit interesting when July 4th lands in the middle days of the week. We did not get Monday off, so it made the work week interesting. I did get a few good pictures of the local fireworks. See: Fireworks 2017

Red Barn, Moon, Country, Sunset PicturesI did have one really nice evening during the week. See my post Summer Evening at the Barn. I am glad that it was not too hot on Wednesday evening as it would have not turned into such a nice evening.

Now for some sleep 🙂


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