Tonight I had thought about taking another Virtual Hike on the Israel National Trail, but decided I needed to do a bit more research on the area I wanted to hike.

Ceasarea Maritima, AqueductInstead, I will post some pictures of aqueducts as I passed through Aqueduct Beach near Ceasarea Maritima while following the trail on Google Maps. There are two aqueducts here that were built side by side. The first aqueduct was built by Herod and it was later widened by Hadrian. The second aqueduct was built during the Byzantine period.

I took this picture just last month while traveling Up to Jerusalem.

Aqueduct Beach, Ceasarea Maritima, aqueduct, IsraelThis picture was taken during my first trip to Israel and was used in my post Sea to Sea.

Roman Aqueduct - Antioch of Pisidia - Archaeology - WaterworksHere is another Roman aqueduct that brought water to Antioch of Pisidia. I took this picture from Antioch with maximum zoom.

Antioch of Pisidia,Archaeology, Turkey, Paul, Missionary Journey, aqueductWe went by bus to take a closer look at the aqueduct. They were really magnificent close up. A great feat of engineering.

For more about this area of Turkey see: A Quick Tour of Antioch Pisidia and A Long Drive to Antalya

Istanbul, Turkey - Airport Route - Aqueduct - Roman Aqueduct - Roman RuinsOn the way to the airport at the end of my trip to Turkey we passed through the arches that hold up the Valens Aqueduct in Istanbul. This aqueduct was built in the 4th century so is about 1,600 years old.

California Aqueduct, California Drought, Water, Sunset, Mount DiabloI guess that a post about aqueducts would not be complete without a picture of the one that I live closest to. This is the California Aqueduct that carries water south to the Los Angeles area.

Have you seen any of these aqueducts?


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