Cool Enough to Mow?

Today it was finally cool enough to mow.

We had a week of 100 degree temps since I arrived home from Israel, so it was nice to finally have a day without triple figure heat. However, it still got up into the high 90’s.

I am really looking forward to the 80’s on Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. Lincoln Roses, Dried rose blooms, Heat WaveMy poor roses bushes had dried out blooms on them due to the extreme heat. However, they still have a special beauty. These are on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush. I did trim back all the spent blooms and there are already some new buds starting to open.

unmown yard, cooler weather, mowing yardHere you can see that my front yard definitely needed mowing. Especially since my neighbor had mowed his yard this morning. It was finally down in the mid 80’s this evening so I got out the mower.

Mowed yard, yard work, green grassAfter mowing the front yard it looked a lot better. I still need to work a bit on getting rid of some weeds and a bit of reseeding. I am also thinking of getting rid of some bushes that were here when I bought the house and are looking a bit seedy.

overgrown bush, back yard, trimmingIn my back yard I also have a bush that I need to decide what to do with. I planted this bush shortly after moving in 16 years ago. It was a gift from a neighbor who was moving away. I either need to trim it way back or perhaps even replace it with something else.

Unmown back yard, volunteer trees, tall grassHere you can definitely see that my back yard needed some attention. I definitely needed to get rid of the crop of volunteer trees. No one sees the back yard except for me, but it is a bit dangerous if it is overgrown. Especially with 4th of July coming up.

I also need to figure out why I have a brown spot in the back yard. It is getting water, but perhaps not enough to offset the high temperatures we have been having.

mown back yard, green grass, freshly mownThe backyard definitely looks better after mowing.

I then did a sprinkler check to make sure all of the zones were working well and the sprinkler heads were all pointing in the right directions. I made a few small adjustments, but not enough to account for the bare spot šŸ™‚

Did you do your yard work today?



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1 Response to Cool Enough to Mow?

  1. M.E. says:

    You should keep your bush. After 16 years, it should be considered part of the family. Maybe move it to another location in the yard? Love your roses. I definitely need to plant some flowers. Right now my yard only has green/brown grass. šŸ™„

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