TLV to SFO – Second Breakfast

I have a new tradition for when I have a flight that arrives early in the morning at San Francisco. I stop for a Second Breakfast on the way home from the airport.

Airplane Map, Tel Aviv, San Fransisco, Long FlightHere you can see the path of our flight. I took it when we had almost arrived at San Francisco. You can see that we headed north from Tel Aviv and flew over Greenland and Canada. The only part of the USA we flew over was on the West Coast.

The flight was a very long flight, but thankfully I at least had an empty seat beside me. The last time I flew this route last year I spent Sixteen Hours in A Middle Seat.

Plane Breakfast, TLV to SFO, Arrival FoodWe were fed breakfast on the plane about an hour before we landed, but it was not the best looking or best tasting food. At least I had yoghurt to dip my bagel in since it was really dry.

Anza parking, shuttle, SFOAfter landing we had to wait for about 20 minutes for immigration to open before we could get off the plane. However, we were soon out waiting for the shuttle to the parking lot where our cars were parked.

You can see that it was a bit chilly when we arrived with temps in the low 50’s. You can see by the smile on Jerri’s face that she had a wonderful trip. However, we were all very tired.

The low temperatures would soon disappear though as we headed toward home.

Chick-fil-A, Breakfast, Pleasanton, CaliforniaBy the time that I made it to the Chick-fil-A in Pleasanton for my Second Breakfast the temperatures were already in the upper 70’s

I looked at my post from my trip home from Israel last year, and I had also stopped at Chick-fil-A to take pictures of the construction process.

Second Breakfast, Chick-fil-A, Chicken Bisquit, Tater TotsI enjoyed a nice chicken biscuit  with hash browns/mini-tater tots. Of course I also had to have some Chick-fil-A sauce. I took my time eating breakfast while catching up with social media. I then had them refill my tea and it was back out to the car for the last leg of the journey home.

By the time I got home a little after 9:00am the temperature was hovering around 90 degrees. Later in the days the temperatures continued to rise to over 100 and the next four or five days will be even hotter with temps expected to be up to 109 degrees!

I did some shopping and laundry and took two short naps. Now it is about time to get a good night of sleep.

I will try and post about the remaining sites we visited in Israel tomorrow afternoon.



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