Fish and Chips

Today for lunch I had fish and chips.

Tarpon Springs, Boat StorageWe went to a restaurant that was near some interesting boat storage. These boat sheds are all along the waterways in Tarpon Springs. I would be really nervous if I was a boat owner and was watching them set my boat up on a shelf with a forklift.

Captain Jack, Tarpon SpringsThe name of the restaurant was Captain Jack’s.

Fish, Captain Jack's Tarpon Springs, Florida, Fish and ChipsBy the entrance they have a nice carton figure of a fisherman. A little bit of fun.

Coconut Shrimp, Captain Jack's, Tarpon Springs, FloridaMy friend’s daughter thinks that this looks like a rabbit. It is actually a coconut shrimp. Although I am not a big fan of dried coconut, it was pretty good.

Fish and Chips, Captain Jack's, hush puppies, Tarpon SpringsThe recommendation from one of my colleagues was to get the fish and chips. His recommendation was followed, and all seven of us had fish and chips.

The fish was grouper and it tasted really nice. We also had two dipping sauces which were both good.

You cannot see the chips in this shot as they are hidden by the very large pieces of fish. They were really good as they had a light batter. The hush puppies were also good, but not as good as what I had the day before.

I am now in Temple Terrace and staying with a friend. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend before heading back home on Monday.


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