Spring on the Way

Everywhere I look I can see signs of spring approaching, especially in my own yard.

Dandelion, Spring Signs, YardOf course there are many dandelions in my yard now as the weather warms up and we have had a good soaking from all the rain.

Dandelion seeds, dandelions, Spring, weedsOf course the dandelions are sending off seeds so that I will have even more of them in my yard. I have changed my views a bit about dandelions in my yard. I now know that they are one of the earliest foods for bees and other pollinators, so it is good to let them grow. I can go with a few yellow or white spots in my lawn 🙂

Rose growth, spring growth, front yard, sign of springMy roses are coming back with a lot of new foliage starting to appear. You can easily see the change from day to day.

Blossoms, pink blossoms, plum blossoms, signs of springMany trees are starting to blossom out. These are from the plum tree in the yard next door. The gate to my backyard makes a good backdrop.

Everywhere I go I see trees that are blossoming. This is a very colorful time of year.

Blossoming trees, signs of springHere is a view of the plum tree from my side yard. It is full of blossoms. In the foreground is a volunteer tree, you can see that it has some white blossoms. I cut this tree way back this year and am thinking about removing it altogether as it interferes with the tree next door.

This weekend I probably won’t see as many signs of the approaching spring as I will be in Missouri. However, it is supposed to warm up just for me.


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