Playing with Puppies

Sometimes you get a picture stuck in your head and you have to find it. For some reason I have been thinking about this little set of pictures I am sharing tonight.

Black Puppies, Lincoln Street, OttumwaHere I am holding a little black puppy when I was about a year old. At that time we lived on the north side of Ottumwa, Iowa on Lincoln Street.

Black Puppies, Lincoln Street, OttumwaYou may have seen from the title that there was more than one puppy. In this picture you can see my sister behind me holding another one of the cute little black puppies.

Black Puppies, Lincoln Street, OttumwaI really like these pictures. I was such a cute little guy way back then.

I looked on google maps and the stone wall in the background of the last picture is still there, but the sidewalk along the driveway has disappeared. The driveway is wider and the yard is full of trees that obscure most of the house.

I have good memories of the house even though we only lived in it for a short time. My dad owned the house and we had several friends who rented it over the years.



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