M&M’s Valentine’s Day

Before I left on my trip to Australia I picked up some packages of M&M’s at the store. They definitely had a Valentine’s Day theme.

M&M's, Valentine's Day, Milk ChocolateI picked up some Milk Chocolate M&M’s. The package had the Red M&M with a rose in his mouth. It was really cute.

Dark Chocolate M&M's, Valentine's DayThe Blue M&M graced the package of the Dark Chocolate M&M’s. These are my favorite M&M’s flavor.

Cherry M&M's, Valentine's Day, ChocolateRed was also on the cover of Cherry M&M’s.

Cherry M&M's, Valentine's Day, Chocolate, Cherry ChocolateThese have a nice cherry flavor and I have been snacking on them while writing this post.

Cupid's Messages, M&M's, Large M&M's, Chocolate, Valentine's DayI also found a package of large M&M’s that had Cupid’s Messages on them. The M&M’s are 3X larger than the regular ones.

Cupid's Messages, M&M's, Chocolate, Large M&M'sThe M&M’s have little messages on them, just like the little hearts that you can buy this time of year. However, they do not adhere very good to the pieces. The white pieces hold their message pretty well, but they are hard to read on some of the other colors. I took a picture of some of the better ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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